simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

-Leonardo da Vinci


ROOM ART CONCEPT is my way of sharing beautiful pieces with you and your home. It’s especially important to me that these items be a different concept which you might not otherwise get the chance to see. ROOM ART CONCEPT brings you a world of distant places, spaces and people. These pieces have talented and creative people behind them. ROOM allows the people that create these pieces a chance to meet you and tell you their stories. I hope you enjoy each other!


Ontario and Brazil – North and South, Cold and Hot – are worlds apart, but the path that led me here is full of common threads. I was always fascinated by aesthetics—a trait for which I can probably thank my mother. She gave such care to the way she surrounded herself and our home with beauty that it was impossible not to pay attention to its features and be influenced by it.

I wanted to study fashion, yet practical considerations led me in another direction: Speech Language Pathology. Helping others is not restricted just to healthcare. Moving to Toronto and working at U of T’s Swallowing Lab allowed me to realize that, as in healthcare, there is a chance to bring joy and understanding to the world in art and beauty as well. I have tried to enbody that here at Room Art Concept.

Through ROOM, I hope you can further develop and stimulate your creativity. As you walk through ROOM’s door, you will have the opportunity to stop and light up your eyes and soul, appreciating some beauty. My purpose is to introduce you to some different artists as if you were meeting with a very special new friend.

I will be waiting for you! Stop by: this is a place to meet, to chat over coffee and connect.

(416) 481 room 1560 bayview ave. suite 207 toronto, on