hidalgo adams

This self-taught sculptor calls Cerro Largo, RS in Brazil his home, and has been pursuing art since childhood. In his early 20s, he was entering his works in exhibits around Brazil and later pursued training with Brazil’s leading modern sculptor, Xico Stockinger. The promising future this luminary saw in Hidalgo has included illustrations, public works of art, the Brazil Design Show in Miami, and the design of awards for civil society projects throughout the country. Hidalgo’s calm visage betrays the intensity and strength revealed in his pieces: the twisting, the dance, the melting, the expansion. His vision transforms stone in a way that reflects where it was found in nature. Hidalgo creates in stone things we often fail to see in such cold materials: a warmth that is retreating from modern like, solidarity, an embrace, the desire for others’ well-being, humanity in the face of disintegration and a resistance to atomization.

tina felice

Tina Felice started her career as a sculptor in 1987, having studied with many respected Brazilian artists such as Vasco Prado, Xico Stockinger, Cláudio Martins Costa, Irineu Garcia, Ana Petini, Dione Moraes, Donato Velleca, Mário Cladera and Paulo da Rocha. In 1996, her sculpture “Túnel do Túnel” (“Tunnel of the Tunnel”) won the “Espaço Urbano-Espaço Arte” competition sponsored by the City of Porto Alegre, Brazil, where that piece is now on display.  Felice’s unique talent, however, is most fully expressed through her paintings of female faces on large canvasses. Using her techniques of applying paint and mixing colour, Tina Felice explores a myriad of emotions experienced by women, bringing their introspectiveness to the surface. Tina Felice’s work can be found in galleries in Brazil, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


Rio native Carlos Sobral made his start in handcrafted jewelry in the 1960s. His early materials saw him repurposing the attention-grabbing surfaces of recycled and time-worn objects. Since those early days, Sobral has developed a strong connection to polished resin as a canvas through which he can richly display patterns and geometry that have made him an award-winning name in Brazil, Europe and New York. His retail locations can be found in fashion capitals around the world, and this growth culminated in his partnership in 2008 with Karl Lagerfeld in their exciting jewelry line, Lagerfeld by SOBRAL. These achievements have always stayed true to the artist’s humanitarian and green principles: eco-friendly sourcing and comprehensive worker support set his workshop apart in its commitment to a work-life and community that is as joyful as his art.

benigno de sousa

Benigno de Sousa launched his career as a sculptor at age 12, in the early 70’s, in Brazil. Over the last 30 years, Benigno has used cedar and vine woods, torch and steel brushes to create exquisite pieces that capture the messages conveyed through the simplicity of human body movements.

Many of his pieces can be found in Cologne, Germany and in the United States.

ronan wittee

Ronan Wittee is a well-respected Brazilian sculptor whose work has been commissioned by many art enthusiasts, from from private collection to public art organizations both in Brazil and abroad. Ronan started his career in 1981 and from 1982 to 2008, he participated annually in more than one hundred individual and collective art exhibits. In 1982, he was the gold-medal recipient in the International Pallet ‘82 competition in Shanghai. In 2000, he was also commended with a special award for his work in the International Fine Arts Festival, in Umbria, Italy.  Ronan Wittee uses bronze, terracotta, stones and resined materials to express his art.

leonardo de aguiar

A former anthropology student, Brazilian artist Leonardo de Aguiar found his true passion in jewelry design. For over 20 years, Aguiar has perfected his art using materials such as silver, semi-precious stones and Pau Brazil (Brazil’s national wood, “brazilwood”) to create unique and exquisite jewelry. The beauty of his pieces lie in the simplicity of their design, their modern lines and impeccable craftsmanship.

germano severo

Born in Carazinho, Brazil, Germano Fagundes studied with Brazilian sculptor and painter Tina Felice and glassware artist Thomas Bohn. Fagundes has worked mainly with glass for over fifteen years, and he uses metal to support his sculptures. His pieces have been exhibited at different important events in Brazil.

ana hochegger and maria alice de ré

Using traditional felting techniques, Brazilian artists Ana Hochegger and Maria Alice de Ré combine fine fibers such as mohair, silk, and other natural products to create exquisite textiles for clothing, accessories and home decor. Their atelier Espaço Têxtil is known for the quality of the pieces they produce and for promoting the preservation of traditional felting methods through educational programs.

valéria sá

This 20-year veteran of the jewelry market started approaching her art in a truly revolutionary way 10 years ago, when she began to consider how her craft related to the environment and to her own responsibility to be green to move past simply supplying a superficial consumer good to her planet-conscious clientele, Valéria began sourcing the silver from unused x-ray evaluations as a clean and eco-friendly way to express her passion! Her approach to applying a lapidary process to glass from recycled sources (such as iconic green Heineken bottles!) is just another sustainable approach that has launched this visionary onto the crafts scene of her native Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.

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